Focus on your customer needs, leave boring finances to us!

From automating repetitive tasks and taking the burden off of billing and managing sales channels,
Akounto will help you run your e-commerce store efficiently.

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Automate invoices, processing, and payments

Akounto gives you all the tools you need to manage your business. Whether it's creating professional invoices, tracking time worked on projects, processing refunds, and orders, managing expenses, or charging customers securely online - all can be done with one tap without hassle.

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Accurate monthly statement

Accurate books mean that you have confidence in your numbers, can make better decisions, and take care of your customers. We deliver a monthly report that includes the metrics that matter: inventory statement, sales, merchant fees, tax liability, and more.

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Categorise transactions easily

Keeping your transactions categorised helps you get a clear picture of your earnings and spending. And for a growing e-commerce store, it is more important than ever as you need to take care of your customer's needs first. We have automated all of it for you!

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Stay updated with taxes and credits

Sales tax is one of the most complicated parts of running an e-commerce store. Akounto helps you automatically collect and calculate sales taxes in real-time, based on your customer's shipping address.

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Check-in everywhere

Let your team access accounts from the office, warehouse, vendor's site, or anywhere. Initiate, process orders, and collect payments on the go! Stay on top of your financial analytics all the time, your e-commerce store is in the right hands, sign up now.

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Financial forecasting & risk analysis

Forecasting the demand for your e-commerce inventory is critical for growth. As we get more inputs on what people are ordering and at what frequencies, we help you forecast sales and track inventories.

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Your one-stop solution for all your accounting needs

  • Stay on top of your e-commerce store performance.
  • Reconciliation can be done automatically by enabling bank statement access.
  • Generate accurate monthly statements to track performance.
  • Automate accounts receivables and payables without any hassle.
  • Prepare a balance sheet and unlimited Charts of Accounts with one tap.
  • Get 24x7 support available to help you plan, scale, and execute.
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Did you know?

That by switching to Akounto the average small business owner saves 192 hours* every year.

Launching soon for IOS and android users…

Manage your business financials wherever you go with our Akounto mobile app.

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Is there any software to manage e-commerce seller accounting?

Akounto is a one-stop solution for all-size e-commerce sellers. From accounting, bookkeeping, to taxes, to inventory - we've got you covered in all aspects.


Akounto is a turn-key solution that offers built-in flexibility to match your e-commerce needs! Akounto works hard so that you don't have to; keep your business running efficiently with automated bookkeeping and sales tracking, tax, international payments support, advanced reporting tools, and much more.