Focus on what you do best, and not your
monthly finances! We do the paperwork, you do the work. Gone are the days when you had to track your business
accounts on a spreadsheet - just connect your bank account and leave the rest to Akounto.

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Automate invoices

With Akounto, you get all the modern billing tools you need. Smoothly handle your recurring invoices, setup automated Payment Reminders, and accept Online Payments for increased payment accuracy.

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Automated payment reminders

Over 49.6% of invoices are overdue. Akounto allows you to focus on your work and we do the follow-ups on your behalf. With one click, setup recurring payments, alerts of late or missed payments, and access real-time account activity from anywhere.

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Track accounts receivable and payable

On average, a freelancer spends 8 hours a week on their accounts. The ones who are using Akounto are on top of their finances, with better sales proposals and estimates, automate invoicing and receivables, and keep client records up-to-date. Akounto is the most seamless tool you need today!

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Record bills and claim expenses

Managing expenses often means manual work. Each receipt or expense related to your business needs to be logged in a cumbersome spreadsheet. To top it all off, in the end, you use that data to guesstimate how much tax you owe. Let Akounto take care of it for you on regular basis.

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Financial reports and monthly business reports

Make sure you're keeping your books in order by generating an accurate, up-to-date profit and loss statement. This helps you identify whether your business is running at a profit or at a loss for a specific period, which will give you all the information you need to take the right steps. You can build customized reports with just one tap on Akounto.

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Stay up to date, anytime, anywhere

Work from anywhere! That's what freelancers do. Akounto is a powerful invoicing and accounting tool that put everything in the palm of your hands. All power packed in one single solution -- from invoice tracking, and bills management to your business reports, we've got you covered. What, are you still reading? Get started!

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You do what you do best. We'll take
care of the rest.

  • See your business data in online the way you want it.
  • Create, send, and manage invoices in just a few clicks.
  • Generate unlimited real-time bussines reports.
  • Track sales and know how your business is doing any time.
  • Stuck with something? Our support is 24x7 available for you.
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Did you know?

That by switching to Akounto the average small business owner saves 192 hours* every year.

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How freelancers are better off with Akounto in comparison to other accounting software?

Akounto is a one-stop solution for your freelance business needs. From automating invoices to automated payment reminders, keeping a track of your bills to keep a check on taxes, and staying up to date anytime and anywhere, Akounto takes care of everything. We help you save over 30 hours every month that you’d end up spending on accounts and finances.


Stress-free accounting for freelancers
like never before! You'll pay less for accounting and more for what you actually care about - growing customers.