Get rid of manual entries with rule based accounting

Made for Small Businesses, Akounto helps you create and send estimates, invoices, purchase orders, on a regular basis.
It simplifies your finance tasks, reduces stress level, and saves you time.

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Power-Packed dashboard

Sick of juggling spreadsheets and accounting software? Akounto's powerful dashboard gives you a glance at your business health. Making it easy and quick for you to plan for the future and more.

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Whole team accounting bundle

Akounto gives you the ability to assign permissions to multiple users, so you can choose who can take on bookkeeping tasks, make financial decisions, and help manage your books.

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Taxes are not painful!

Taxes are painful when your accounts are messy. Keep a check on how much taxes you owe every month and learn more about saving taxes on our blog.

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Automate reconciliations

Be your accountant's wingman and spend less time on the bank reconciliation. Reconcile each day - with automated transactions and income categorization, and reconcile your bank account in real time.

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It's more than an accounting software

Every business is unique! We go beyond your dashboard to help you grow your business and understand finances. Our team of experts applies customized, creative solutions especially tailored to address the needs of each client to establish a financial strategy and maximize cost efficiency.

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Financials on the go

No matter where your day takes you, Akounto will be with you always. The cloud-based platforms allow you to access financials from anywhere, as long as you have internet. Create estimates and invoices, and track your to-dos and expenses right alongside our mobile app on your smartphone.

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Making you smarter with unlimited charts of accounts

Quickly generate an accurate, up-to-date profit and loss statement, customize reports with just one tap, and keep track of your sales and expenses. Akounto helps you analyze the direction your business is moving into! Akounto makes it easier than ever to understand finances with unlimited charts of accounts.

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Your one-stop solution for all your accounting needs

  • Automate invoices and payments reminder to collect payments 50% faster.
  • Generate professional and powerful estimates for your potential customers.
  • Integrate your bank statements to eliminate manual work.
  • Get rid of repeated entries by taking advantage of our automation technique.
  • Secure your data with the transactions locking feature.
  • Handle and track taxes hassle-free.
  • Create Unlimited Charts of Accounts on the go.
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Did you know?

Cloud accounting is used by 82% of small businesses.

Launching soon for IOS and android users…

Manage your business financials wherever you go with our Akounto mobile app.

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Why Akounto is best for accounting software for small businesses?

Akounto is a feature-rich, easy-to-use accounting software that calculates sales tax and seamlessly integrates with bank accounts to enable you to finally run your business efficiently and enable you to grow your business from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.


Akounto is all you need to run your business smoothly! No more messy spreadsheets, no more worries about paying taxes, no more late nights chasing information, complete control over your business.