Grow your startup, not your accounting team.

We help you take control of your business' finances by automatically organising, collecting, analysing, and generating reports from your business' accounting data, helping you create a better bottom line.

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Consistent growth track

Growth is important for every startup and business. Akounto makes it easier for you to analyse your business's financial health condition with our robust customised dashboards as per your requirement. Visualise numbers in the easiest and quickest way!

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Cash flow management

Quickly organize your list of bills for the month into spending categories — only the stuff you care about. Recurring bills are quickly calculated and only entered once. Multiple due dates per entry? That's cool. Double payments? No worries!

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Save time to grow

Being the builder ourselves, we know how precious time is for entrepreneurs. We help you save over 350 working hours annually by automating most of your boring accounting tasks. From generating invoices to reminding payments and to reconciliation, 100% of it can be automated with just a few taps.

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Save more on taxes

The State gives you enough options to save taxes and reinvest in building the company. Akounto makes your taxation process smoother. How much tax do you owe this month? How much should you save every month? What deductions can be claimed? We have answers to all of them!

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Work remotely, grow globally

Akounto lets you work from anywhere, it's a cloud-based platform that can be accessed anytime, anyday, anywhere, and on any device. When we say 'stay on top of your numbers', we actually mean it!

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Your one-stop solution for all your accounting needs

  • Never lose track of your business finances.
  • Create customized unlimited invoices, proposals, and estimates, for your customers.
  • Automate by integrating your bank statement and eliminating manual work.
  • Create unlimited Charts of Accounts the way you want them.
  • Growing at a rocket speed? Speak to us and we will help you optimize your accounts and finances.
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Did you know?

Only 50% of businesses survive five years -- though most (70%) hit the two-year mark.

Launching soon for IOS and android users…

Manage your business financials wherever you go with our Akounto mobile app.

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What's wrong with using a spreadsheet for my accounting needs?

Spreadsheets lack the power that your modern and growing startup requires. On top of that, spreadsheets are prone to error. Do you know that an error in the spreadsheet caused JP Morgan a loss of £6 billion? Is it worth that risk? We don't think so and that is why we built Akounto.


Cut down the hassle of accounting with Akounto! Akounto is built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. With an extensive personalized dashboard and real-time financial insights, you can spend more time doing what matters.