Manage payables
through your dashboard

Access your dashboard to manage and organize your bills. Pay your vendors without delays and maintain good relationships.

Never miss a due date

Keep a tab on all unpaid bills and purchase orders using your dashboard. Take paperless record keeping to a whole new level by creating, editing, viewing and approving your bills from anywhere. Avoid any late fees by paying on time and cultivate healthy vendor relationships.

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Save time with automation

Set up a billing frequency for your regular vendors with Recurring Bills. Avoid generating the same bills every billing cycle and save time on admin. Use the Reminders feature to never forget paying your vendors and keep your cash flow in-check.

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Track all your expenses

Use your Bills Dashboard to get a real-time analysis of all expenditure, total payables and overdue payables. Map your expenses to respective categories and periodically review your profit and loss account and cash flow statement to make the best decisions for your business. Effortlessly keep tabs on all cash outflows.

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Manage bills on your mobile

Run your business on-the-go with our Android application. Create, edit, view and approve bills through your smartphone. Export and share bills from anywhere to remove any time lag and run your business without any bottlenecks.

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Easily track your overseas payables

Create and send bills in multiple currencies to your vendors located outside the United States. You can at any time view these bills in both your base currency and the foreign currency you created them in. With currency rates updated in real time, keep a track of your foreign exchange gains and losses

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Record your partial payments

Make partial payments and record them on Akounto to keep your cash outflow healthy. Enter the amount partially paid to your vendor and keep a track of the remaining payable balance on your payables dashboard. Receive timely alerts to pay outstanding payables on time and optimize your cash flow faster.

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Managing bills was never this easy

  • Intuitive Bills dashboard with a smart interface
  • Create bills in multiple currencies
  • Add attachments in various formats like xls, pdf, docx, etc
  • Automate recurring bills to avoid delays and repetition
  • Receive timely alerts to manage bills before due dates
  • Cultivate healthy vendor relationships by paying on time
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Did you know…

That by switching to Akounto the average small business owner saves 192 hours* every year…

Launching soon for IOS and android users…

Manage your business financials wherever you go with our Akounto mobile app.

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Can I create bills on the go?

Yes, you can create bills from anywhere with the Akounto Android application.
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