Exceptional service, at the right price.

we manage your books.

Exceptional service, at the right price.

$99 / Month

Start your business venture strong. Here are the core fundamentals you’d want to have.

  • Expenses up to $30000.
  • Cash basis bookkeeping.
  • Priority support from bookkeeping expert.
  • Software training.
  • Financials for tax return – balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.
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$149 / Month

Revenue rising? Keep the momentum going. Find what you need here.

  • Everything from Intro.
  • Expenses up to $75000.
  • Monthly call with dedicated finance experts for any discussion.
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$229 / Month

Business on an all-time high? Manage your books & accounts better than ever.

  • Everything from Intro.
  • Expenses up to $125000.
  • Accrual basis accounting.
  • Bi-weekly review call with finance expert.
  • Customized business reports as per specification.
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Count on Akounto!

Make sure everything in your business is akounted for.



  • Easy categorization of each transaction
  • Add your accountant, manager and partners
  • Inbuilt chart of accounts
  • Enter bills and track due dates
  • Automatic entry of transactions from linked bank accounts

Free invoice management

  • Make, send and track invoices
  • Personalize your invoices for your brand
  • Set reminders for recurring overdue invoices
  • Automate entry & accounting of invoices


  • Precise & Accurate reports for managing the performance of business
  • Real-time updates on your accounts & books
  • Detailed reports with a simple click
  • Monthly incomes & expenses on your fingertips

Bookkeeping made hassle-free

Experience the joy of running your business without having to worry about your books. Start your 1 month free trial today.