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Are your expense reports in desperate need of some TLC? Let Akounto provide some much-needed organization and efficiency to your business finances.

Mobile expense tracking

Always on the go? Track your expenses and manage your money quickly while on the road using the free Akounto mobile app on any of your devices. No more falling behind on your expense reports. Upload your bills and Akounto will automate the entry recording suggestions for you.

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Top expense trends

Our business expense tracking software will prepare a smart dashboard for you to provide insight on which expense heads are major and critical for your business via user interactive charts and trend analysis, enabling you to take strategic decisions for vendor price negotiations, procurement time reduction etc in order to keep the substantial business operations ongoing.

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Expense variance reports

Akounto's powerful Vendor Reports allows you to track vendor wise and expense category wise variance analysis of your operational expenditures, further with our automated business reports, you get to decide how much fluctuation is reportable and material, rest is ensured by Akounto to prepare you with monthly comparatives, Ratios, and variances.

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Bill your customers

Bill your customers easily with Akounto's Billable Expense function, all the expenses which you have incurred as per terms of Sale Agreement, and generate and send Invoices directly, send payment reminder follow ups.

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Ensure financial accuracy

Plan your spendings in advance with Akounto's Budget function and compare the end results for continuous improvement in spending trends, practices and policies. Use Akounto to manage your expenses with complete accuracy, ensuring that your business finances remain correct year-round.

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Track expenditures and manage your money like a pro

Expense management

Are you having trouble tracking your expenses and other critical financial data for your business? Whether you don't have the time, skill, or knowledge to manage your finances, Akounto has you covered with cutting-edge features and innovative systems that automate those tedious tasks.

Create vendors, record Bills, send purchase orders, bill your customers for recoverable expenses without any monetary limits with Akounto. Access your Vendor Reports with notable variances, ratio and strategic analytical remarks. Manage your working capital and cashflows with our Accounts Payables aging reports and save the late fees and delayed charges.

Capture your bills & supporting documents online and digitize the process of traditional document filings into hard files.

Staying on budget

Staying on budget is one of the biggest challenges you'll face as a business owner. Not only does it take time and delicate manipulation to perfect a budget, but it also takes some practice to stay within your spending limits. However, sticking to a budget is easier said than done.

With Akounto you can prepare budget for next month or quarter and manage liquidity by analyzing the current and future financial health of your business, it becomes easier to make smarter decisions and ensure that you stay within the spending threshold appetite each period.

Easy receipt management

Has your home office gradually turned into a storage space for all your business receipts? Proper receipt management is a critical aspect of running a successful and profitable business. However, the more you let your receipts pile up, the more difficult it becomes to organize them, let alone remember specific details regarding each one and what you purchased.

With Akounto, you can quickly and easily upload all your receipts in real time, allowing you to see your purchase history, receipt details, and other critical information.

Monitoring this data makes it easy to pinpoint areas where you're overspending, saving you money both in the short and long term. Properly managing your receipts via our cloud-based software Akounto is the simple solution. It allows you to easily access and analyze your receipts to learn critical insights regarding your spending habits and how you can improve them to save more money.

Purchase order and billable expenses

Want to streamline your expenditures With Akounto, it's never been easier to make your entire financial ecosystem more efficient using our powerful automation tools. Send Purchase Orders, specifying your business requirements like number of units, maximum price you are willing to offer, Dates when you will be needing the shipment and choose the best out of all. Once you are satisfied you can convert the Purchase Order into Bill.

Akounto provides you a separate function for seeking reimbursement of all the recoverable expenditures from your customers. You can create billable expenses and then invoice these so that your customers can pay on time.

Technological advances consistently make previously successful business processes obsolete in our dynamic and rapidly-paced business world. Akounto's automated tasks and approval system allows you to authorize and track your account with greater efficiency, giving you the tools necessary to promote growth and success for your business.

Simplify expense management with Akounto budget software

  • Upload your Bills and get rid of maintaining hard files
  • Automate you retainer Bills recording with Recurring Bills function
  • Send Purchase Orders to Vendors specifying your business requirements
  • Get Top expenses Dashboard
  • Know how much you owe with Accounts Payables aging
  • Get expenses category wise monthly comparative reports
  • Know new expense additions into your operations
  • Prepare Budget for next fiscal periods
  • Get Variance analysis reports with your Budgeted and Actual Expenditures
  • Bill your customers all the billable expenses
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That by switching to Akounto the average small business owner saves 192 hours* every year.

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Can I track expenses on-the-go?

You have many options for tracking expenditures as a business owner or freelancer. However, the three primary methods for expense tracking include:

  • Tracking as you spend money
  • Tracking after you spend money
  • Using an automated tracking system (like Akounto)