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The new electrical contractor software for accounting from Akounto helps electrical contractors like you to spend more time serving your clients and less time on accountancy. It is a comprehensive accounting solution that handles all of your bookkeeping needs. Key features include sending invoices, keeping track of costs, and accepting online payments to get paid faster.

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Create easy business financial reports

Akounto offers reports that are easy to interpret to make financial monitoring simpler. Automate processes like late fee reminders, expense tracking, and customer follow-up. The accounting system also rapidly generates reports to gather all the data needed to run your electrical contracting businesses.

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Expense tracking made simple

Akounto's expense tracking tool helps you keep track of your spending and stay on top of your accounts. You may monitor your actions and accounts due and receivable at any time of day using electrical contracting software for accounting.

The expense report will allow you to see how and where your money was spent. Any purchases you make with accounting electrical contractor software, Akounto are saved and automatically classified.

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Grow your business with double-entry accounting

Use double-entry bookkeeping from accounting software to maximize your company's performance. Double-entry accounting, trickier, will reveal additional information about the financial situation of your electrical businesses. Use an Akounto double-entry accounting system to monitor your debits and credits and evaluate the state of your business operations.

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Accounting on the go

Out on Job site? Use the Akounto Cloud Accounting software for electricians from any location to access accounting data for your electrical businesses.

You may monitor your online job costs by using this accounting software for electrical contractors (iOS and Android mobile app).

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