Why incorporate into the USA?

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Simple and transparent legal system

The US treats domestic and foreign firms equally under the law. Government and private-sector organizations work together to encourage economic development all across the country, while effective regulations have enabled entrepreneurs to freely operate their businesses without fear of unpredictable rules that could potentially hinder the success of their enterprise.

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Growth oriented ecosystem to support startups

The US is ranked 6th for its overall competitiveness and ease of doing business. Backed by a regulatory environment that is particularly conducive to businesses, the U.S. actively supports free enterprise and competition among businesses while providing direct access to funding sources through its banks and lending institutions.


Better and easier access to capital

Incorporating a business entity provides you with the means to finance your endeavors. In order to raise money and attract investors, it's vital that your business structure is organized in such a way that allows profitable use of their cash assets into more investments into your company's projects as well as long term plans for development and further expansion for your business. Moreover, it is fairly easier for a registered company to get a bank loan comparatively in case of a partnership firm or sole partnership


Less amount of compliances

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to make sure you're always keeping up with necessary compliance events. Compliances in many countries can be toxic, hence making it tougher for an entrepreneur to run their business. Whereas the US with lower income tax and a transparent legal system offers less amount of compliance. Being able to spend less time on these tasks allows you more time and energy to devote to growing your business, which helps create a beneficial environment for anyone that wants to do business in the US.

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Steady political environment

As a stable democracy with a transparent and predictable legal system, the United States offers entrepreneurial individuals plenty of advantages as it pertains to business standards US, along with a stable democracy offers a stable business environment too. The US government has transparent and reliable laws that regulate businesses. This makes it easier for companies with international operations in other countries to thrive

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Low corporate income tax

Since January 1, 2018, the nominal federal corporate tax rate in the US is a flat 21%. However, that’s lower than the average global corporate tax of 23.79%.

Here's how to get started

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  • Open a bank account in the US.
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"It takes just 6 days to start a business in the US, compared to a whopping 38 days in China."

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