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All-in-one startup accounting software that simplifies billing, invoicing, monitoring credit card transactions, keeping track of expenses, managing customers, and much more.

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Real-time monitoring of your startup's financial health

Centralize your financial reports and make them simple for your staff to access. With simple yet clear business reports, you may gain insight into your company success.

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Track your expenses

Monitor your spending, keep an eye on your cash flow, and run your business like a pro with the best expense monitoring software out there. Stop daydreaming and start working toward your financial objectives with Akounto.

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Send Estimates to customers

Create estimations and make decisions appropriately

Send estimates and inform your clients of the costs in advance. Create estimates and share the expense data with them. Your new clients can view the estimate and request corrections or accept it as is. Convert estimates into invoices with only a few clicks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does online accounting software help startups to grow?

Many startup founders are concerned about managing their money while managing their daily operations, investor expectations, and long-term objectives.

Even startups and small business owners should consider accounting software a "must-have." Using startup accounting software helps lessen the possibility of mistakes. Additionally, it aids in your continued tax compliance. Also, keep in mind that as the venture grows, the accounting tasks will only become more complex, so attempting to integrate them later might be a costly hassle. It is best to start using it right away and concentrate on growing your company.