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Use Akounto's cutting-edge, user-friendly freight forwarding accounting software, created especially for freight forwarders, to aid with your everyday operations. Get simple solutions for invoicing, driver management, and freight billing. Create freight billing invoices quickly and easily, as well as keep track of supply chain costs from the convenience of your desk or mobile devices.

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Create easy business financial reports

Get instant access to important data with a complete integrated management system that centralizes everything, allowing freight forwarding companies to keep track of their expenses, payments, and customer relationships.

To make financial monitoring simpler, Akounto provides reports that are simple to understand. The accounting system also creates financial health reports quickly to collect all the information required to operate your freight forwarding company.

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Expense tracking made simple

Keep track of your accounts using Akounto's expense tracking tool, and be on top of your accounts. Accounting software for freight forwarding allows you to keep track of all of your activities, as well as accounts due and receivable, at any time of day.

Using the expense report, you can check what and where you spent your money. Any spending you enter into Akounto will be kept and automatically categorized.

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Grow your business with double-entry accounting

Make the most of your business with double-entry accounting from Akounto. Double-entry accounting, which is more complex, might offer more details about your financial condition. To keep track of your debits and credits and assess the health of your logistics companies, use a double-entry accounting system by Akounto.

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