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The best restaurant accounting software supports owners like you in creating professional-looking invoices, automating reminders, managing expenses, and creating financial reports about your restaurant.

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Automate the accounting tasks

Allow Akounto to take care of your company's finances so you can concentrate on expanding your business. Automate time-consuming accounting chores, such as managing expenses, keeping track of transactions, and generating reports. This will allow you to spend more time serving your clients.

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Track your restaurant expenses

Rush off with last-minute bar and kitchen supplies? Don't worry; use accounting software for restaurants to keep track of every cost and provide an expense report that details cash outflow. Pay close attention to every dollar that is owed to your restaurant.

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Send Estimates to customers

Get insights with double-entry bookkeeping

Use Akounto to uncover restaurant performance and growth insights. It can assist you in making plans for your company and help you save time and money during tax season. With double-entry bookkeeping, you may see your restaurant business expand more quickly.

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Accounting: on-the-go

Want to check on your new payment while you're out shopping? Enjoy the ease of accounting on the go with the Akounto mobile app. You may monitor every dollar coming in and leaving out by using the iOS and Android software for restaurant accounting.

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