Best Sole Trader Accounting Software: Akounto

For business owners who wish to operate more efficiently, Akounto offers the most effective accounting software for self-employed. It manages all of your bookkeeping requirements, including the production of expert invoices, financial report generation, and expense management for your sole proprietorship business. It is accessible from anywhere, utilizing cloud-based software that syncs with your smartphone.

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Real-time financial reporting

Akounto assists sole traders in making wiser and more informed decisions by keeping tabs on the overall success of your company's finances, producing in-depth profit and loss and cash flow statements, and creating a balance sheet for an annual report.

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Income and expense tracking with the best accounting app

The expense tracking feature of Akounto allows you to monitor your business cash flow, generate expense reports, and track expenses. Work anywhere, whether from the convenience of your couch or while composing an expert invoice on the go. Get an accurate accounting of all the expenses related to your single proprietorship, self-employment, or retail business so you can calculate your profit, be eligible for tax deductions, and grow your small business.

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Take advantage of double-entry bookkeeping to grow your sole proprietorship

Adopt double-entry accounting software developed by Akounto to expand your small business. Acquire a better understanding of your financial accomplishments and future growth potential. Our software can also help you save time and money during tax season.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Can a sole proprietor use the free version of Akounto?

Yes, Akounto offers a free plan that includes basic accounting features for managing your business finances.

User can utilize the invoicing feature to create and send professional invoices to their clients. The expense tracking feature can track their business expenses and categorize them for tax purposes. For more industry specific features check out our pricing as they are updated regularly.