Best Accounting Software for Architects: Akounto

Akounto�s comprehensive architect accounting software made for architecture firms like yours. Easy-to-use tools let you easily create invoices, monitor expenses, generate business reports, remind clients to pay and do much more. The automatic synchronization between the Akountos desktop accounting software and the app allows you to access your small business accounting details anywhere.

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Financial reports that facilitates decision making

Quickly determine how lucrative your architecture, home building or real estate business is by generating the financial report. View expense reports, invoice status, accounts linked with bank accounts, track of projected profits etc. that gives you a holistic view of the state of your finances. Akounto's simple-to-read reports enable you to quickly determine if your spending is higher than or lower than your income. Use this information to calculate your taxes, which you must pay during tax season.

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Manage your expenses and be thrifty

Monitor your spending with Akounto. Akounto's expense-tracking feature allows homeowners associations to manage architecture, keep tabs on cash flow and expenditures, collect rent, and use it as lease accounting software. Check the architecture budget to identify where and how much you spend on maintenance and facilities. On Akountos' dashboard, get detailed income and expense reports.

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Robust financial records with double entry bookkeeping

Get timely financial reports for decision making that makes a difference. Accuracy and reliability are hallmarks of double entry bookkeeping. Double-entry is available in our accounting software, which helps project managers keep track of your business transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - Can Akounto manage multi-currency transactions for clients or projects that are located abroad?

Yes, Akounto can manage multi-currency transactions for clients or projects located abroad. The software lets you easily record and track expenses, income, and other financial transactions in foreign currencies.

When you enter a transaction in a foreign currency, Akounto will automatically convert the amount into your base currency. It will use the current exchange rate for the purpose.

You can also create separate accounts for each foreign currency that you use. It makes it easier to track and manage your transactions in different currencies.