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Use Akounto's cloud-based accounting software to expand your construction company. Create expert invoices, set up recurring payments and reminders, track income, and simply generate financial reports with a few clicks.

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Real-time financial reporting

Akounto provides thorough financial reports and continuously updated financial data to assist you in monitoring your organization's performance. Use a real-time financial tracking tool and report generation to save your essential time and generate custom reports to help you make better business decisions. With only a few clicks, create customized reports, prepare for tax season and create annual reports.

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Expense tracking with smartview dashboard

Accurate real estate expense tracking from Akounto makes managing expenses simple. Invoice creation, recurring expense automation, bank account linking, expense tracking, lease accounting, rental property accounting, and more.

Additionally, Akounto's smartview dashboard allows you to view your financial data in real-time, providing a clear overview of your income and expenses.It can help the HOAs in managing its spending by displaying information in the form of infographics, spending trends and helping with decision-making.

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Access enlightening insights through double-entry bookkeeping

Struggling with spreadsheets and calculations? Let Akounto take care of your finances while you focus on growing your business. Akounto's double-entry accounting allows you to track your small business's financial health and growth rate. Gain valuable insights into your company's operations, make informed decisions, and be the architect of tax filing for tax season easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - How can double-entry accounting ensure that the financial records for my house construction company are accurate?

Double-entry accounting provides a clear and systematic way to record financial transactions. It ensures that all transactions are balanced to offer an accurate representation of your house construction company's records.

The balancing debits and credits ensure that your financial records are accurate and balanced. In this accounting system, every transaction gets recorded in two accounts. So, ensuring that no transaction is duplicated or left out becomes easy.

Eventually, it becomes simple to generate and understand the financial records of your house construction company. You can even use accounting software like Akounto to rule out any possibility of errors.