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Easy-to-use accounting software developed for nonprofits to take care of payments, expenses, financial reports, and more.

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Software that simplifies nonprofit accounting

Get diverse functionality that ranges from invocing, billing, financial reporting to expert support, vendor management, automation etc. Expand your reach and make an impact by getting everyone on-board. Akounto lets you connect your teammates and stakeholders for collaborative working.

Use Akounto to simplify and manage invoices for nonprofits

Work more efficiently with Akounto's billing software that keeps track of all donations. Create client profiles and send multi-currency invoices. And thanks donors for their contributions to the Nonprofit, Church, or Trust with customized emails, giving a personal touch to your organization.

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Gain real-time knowledge of your nonprofit's finances

Put your financial statements in one place for easier availability for your team. Get insights into your NPO and its growth with simple, informative business reports.

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Expense tracking for non-profits

Responsibility is crucial for charitable accounting. Stay on top of all expenses and contributions with Akounto, and receive expense reports that detail cash outflow as every penny towards the noble cause counts.

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Send Estimates to customers

Make an estimate and take appropriate action

Through the estimate, you may inform your supporters in advance of the costs. Share expense information with potential clients in a format that is easy to view, understand, and ask for rectification or acceptance. Acceptance transforms estimates into bills!

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Anytime, everywhere accounting

Do you want to check in on your new donation while you're on a distribution drive? Use the mobile app from Akounto to enjoy the convenience of accounting on the go. Utilize the iOS and Android apps designed for nonprofit organizations to keep track of every dollar coming in and going out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the need for using accounting software for nonprofits?

Nonprofit organizations, which depend on donations, have specific accounting issues.

Accounting software makes accounting and bookkeeping tasks easier and more efficient for a nonprofit organization, ensuring that financial statements are in order and financial reporting requirements are satisfied. It helps to categorize transactions for reliable reporting.

Akounto is a nonprofit accounting solution that allows you to manage your finances effectively, making it the finest accounting software overall for nonprofit organization.

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For accuracy, compliance, and thorough financial reports that help you make educated business decisions and expand your company to newer heights rely on Akounto.
Join hands with a dynamic accounting software that adapts to your changing accounting needs.