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Making expert invoices, automating pledge reminders, managing donations, costs, financial reports, and payments are just a few things you can accomplish with the best accounting software for churches.

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Real-time tracking of church's financial health

Building funds, mission funds, or any other dedicated fund, managing your funds, mapping all donations, & staying on top of church finances. Generate annual giving statements & related financial reports with just a few clicks.

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Track church expenses

Our accounting system allows you to track accounts payable for you, & our church accounting software helps you track and pay bills on time.

You can keep track of all your spending with Akounto and receive an expense report. Keep an eye on cash outflows while you help people in the community with Akounto.

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Financial accounting for the church using double entry

The church accounting software from Akounto enables you to alter the chart of accounts and assists in recording non-donation income and numerous other journal entries to meet your specific accounting requirements. Our church bookkeeping software makes it simple to input bank reconciliations and transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - What financial statements do churches use for financial reporting?

Churches typically use the Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) and the Statement of Activities (Income Statement) to report their financial activity and position. These statements provide an overview of the church's financial health and can help manage finances and ensure accountability. Akounto's church accounting software helps churches prepare and analyze their financial statements more efficiently and accurately, automate routine accounting tasks, and generate real-time financial reports. Akounto's bookkeeping software ensures compliance with accounting standards and regulations, helps streamline the church's finances, and improves financial transparency and accountability for churches.