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Streamline your accounting and billing requirements with Akounto's daycare accounting software. Make customizable invoice templates, send reminders for late payment fees, and keep thorough records of your expense and income reports.

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Create easy business financial reports

Generate reports that are simple to understand and make tracking finances simple. Create reports in seconds to get all the information required to run your child care business. On the go, you may expand your user base, create profit and loss reports, and get financial health updates for your daycare business.

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Keep tabs on your business expenses

The expense tracking feature of Akounto makes managing expenses simple. See what and where you spent money by using the expense report. Your costs will be automatically organized and stored by Akounto once you've input them.

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Stay on top with Akounto's double-entry bookkeeping

Make the most of your business with double-entry accounting from Akounto. Before-tax filing season, familiarise yourself with your company's operations, set strategies, and take the appropriate safety procedures. Assess the state of your small business and keep track of your debits and credits using double-entry bookkeeping.

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Accounting on the go

While you're out, why not see if your new payment has arrived? Use the Akounto mobile app to handle accounting needs while on the move. Your desktop and mobile apps are kept in sync by the accounting software Akounto so you can always work with the most recent data. With the daycare software accounting app for iOS and Android, you can monitor every dollar flowing into and leaving your company.

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